Decorated Firefighter

Tommy was named “2003 Firefighter of the Year” for the state of Florida.

Author of “Sirens for the Cross”

“Sirens for the Cross….” Testimonial

"Sirens for the Cross.... a dramatic account of a public servant who demonstrates a unique commitment to protect fellow citizens from danger while simultaneously demonstrating an equally unique and strong commitment to his faith"
Jeb Bush,
Former Governor of Florida

Sharing Christ Through Emergency Response

Challenging Responders to be Believers and Believers to be Responders!

Speaks In Uniform

Speaking in uniform and using the platform of emergency response, Tommy now shares with church audiences throughout the country.

Ministering to the Heart

Stories of rescue are for this one purpose, both to the salvation of the lost & edification of the body of Christ.

Rescue Community

Tommy's ministry especially touches those who have served in rescue, whether firefighter, police, rescuer, paramedic... all will be touched.

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